YPO Economy Punched Pockets, A4, 38 Microns – Pack of 500

YPO Economy Punched Pockets, A4, 38 Microns – Pack of 500

Product code: 751111
Punched pockets are a timeless classic for those wanting to organise and file their documents for work, school or the home without breaking the bank. With multiple punched holes across the left-hand side, you will be able to simultaneously display two sides of your documents in 2 or 4 ring binders, lever arch files, or report and presentation files without having to punch the paper itself. Each pack contains 500 clear pockets of A4 size.

The most obvious benefit with punched pockets is the protection that they provide. Although you can opt to punch paper directly to put into a binder, this does not provide adequate protection against water, paper tears, dust, dirt or other wear and tear. Each lightweight pocket is 38 microns, which - although an economy grade thickness - does the job for much less than thicker alternatives. They are great value for those needing to archive documents that won’t be heavily or frequently flicked through, although they should not be overloaded to avoid splitting. Up to three sheets of paper is the recommended capacity, although with 500 per pack and such a low price, this should not be a cause for concern.

The pockets have been manufactured to A4 size to accommodate the most common choice of paper for workplaces, schools and homes. Each one also has a lightly embossed finish that makes documents clear to see whilst removing glare from lighting, as well as clear enough to be photocopied without blurring. Pack of 500 pockets

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