YPO Economy Ballpoint Pen, Black – Pack of 50

Product code: 705586
Key Features:
•Economy option for everyday office use
•Ink doesn’t smudge or bleed, dries quickly, and has minimal risk of leakage
•Ball and socket mechanism – create smooth, controlled lines without skipping
•0.7mm line width
•Black ink – pack of 50

YPO Economy Ballpoint Pens are a basic, everyday use pen for general writing tasks. They are highly recommended for office use due to their instant smooth ink flow and low price, where the premium features of more expensive options are not required. This pack of 50 YPO Economy Ballpoint Pens ensures the best savings for businesses on a budget.

Economy Option
As the economy option, these pens will save the most money for your office whilst maintaining quality. The ink and nib are identical to that of our YPO Stick Ballpoint Pens, with the only difference being in the body of the pen. Although the body is slightly less robust, a thicker body would add excess durability where this is not necessary, such as in a normal office environment where the pen is less likely to be carried in a bag or dropped on the floor.

Ballpoint Pens
Ballpoint pens are an inexpensive, disposable type of pen unsuitable for refills, yet also last a very long time – in fact, it is said you are more likely to lose these pens than see them run out of ink!

The ink of a ballpoint pen flows onto the page through a metal ball and socket mechanism, which allows the user to draw long, smooth, controlled lines without skipping. These particular pens generate a medium line width of 0.7mm for precision and readability in equally measure.

For a non-specialist pen that does the job for everyday tasks, ballpoint pens are the best investment.

Thanks to their practical qualities, ballpoint pens have become the ‘go to’ pen for instant, convenient use in any environment. With thick, oil-based ink, the boldness of lines can be easily controlled by adding or removing pressure, and even the thickest lines will not cause ink to bleed through the page. This is true for cheap, thin paper too!

This type of ink also dries quickly, doesn’t smudge, and has minimal risk of leakage, making them versatile for left-handed use, quickly writing lines, or taking with you on the go.

Each pen has a clip on the lid to make sure you never lose it on those busy days, and clearly displays the ink level so you can always come prepared. .

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