YPO Plastic Erasers, White - Pack of 20

Product code: 716413
Key Features:
•YPO value – high quality without the price of the leading brand
•Erases cleanly without a trace – no residue and no visible pencil left behind
•Erases on a multitude of papers
•Effective on all pencil grades including those used in the classroom or office
•Pack of 20 – white

Compared to alternative materials, plastic erasers will provide a cleaner finish with no residue or pencil traces left behind, and compared to the leading brand, YPO will save you lots of money! Suitable for use on a variety of different papers, YPO Plastic Erasers are the ideal economical solution for perfecting your projects.

Plastic is one of the best eraser materials thanks to its superb quality. As the firmest type of eraser, they remove graphite more completely than other types, perfect for important projects where there can be no hint of former mistakes. They also erase cleanly and leave behind no fine residue so you don’t have to wipe or blow on your work after use, which can cause smudging.

YPO Plastic Erasers will remove graphite on a multitude of different papers without a trace, so no matter what project you are working on, these erasers will work hard for you! Although suitable for all pencil grades, they work particularly well on softer grades up to and including HB, such as those used in art projects, offices and classrooms.

With a sliding card sleeve, the eraser is well protected when not in use, and comfortable to handle when it is. Although a small feature, the card cuff ensures your eraser will not snap, stain or become otherwise unusable before its time, helping you to save money and achieve the desired results every time.

•Length: 59mm
•Width: 21mm
•Depth: 11mm .

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