YPO Medium/Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks, 90L Capacity – Roll of 50

YPO Medium/Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks, 90L Capacity – Roll of 50

Product code: 210072
Key Features:
•90L / 12kg - high capacity
•Medium/heavy duty – for general waste in janitorial, catering or home use
•High resistance against tears
•Made from 95% recycled material.

YPO Medium/Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks perfectly balance quality with price to create the ultimate solution for your school or business

Suitable for general use, the high capacity black refuse sacks will fit all refuse bins, sack holders and wire litter baskets sold by YPO, enabling them to be used in a wide variety of environments with different waste facilities.

Typically, black, medium/heavy duty refuse sacks are used in catering and dining areas, as they most commonly accept non-specialised waste that cannot be recycled. This includes contaminated food packaging, polystyrene and crisp packets, as well as floor sweepings and napkins that may have been used by cleaning staff or diners. None of this waste is so heavy that expensive heavy-duty refuse sacks are required, but with a high 90L / 12kg capacity, light alternatives will not be strong enough to avoid tears either. Medium/heavy duty refus sacks are therefore the best value option for high quantities of this type of waste.

To offset any guilt and lessen the environmental impact of sending rubbish to landfill, you can rest assured that these refuse sacks are low CO2 and made from 95% recycled material.

• Capacity: 90L (12kg)
• Bag size: 457(D) x 737(W) x 838(L)mm
• M9 Specification
• CHSA Accredited
• Quantity: 50 bags

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