Harfield Small Narrow Rimmed Plates, 17cm, Red – Pack of 10

Harfield Small Narrow Rimmed Plates, 17cm, Red – Pack of 10

Product code: 247792
Key Features:
•Narrow rimmed for easier carrying
•Made from polycarbonate - virtually unbreakable
•Easy to clean, stain-resistant, non-shatter
•Dishwasher and microwave safe
•17cm/6.7in – Red

Harfield takes this canteen staple to an unmatched level of quality with their Narrow Rimmed Plates. With a narrow rim for easier carrying and constructed to be virtually unbreakable, the Harfield Small Narrow Rimmed Plates are essential for serving lunch meals, snacks and desserts in any education, hospitality or healthcare canteen setting.

Plates of this size – 17cm – are designed to fit smaller amounts of food on for lunches or snacks. Load up the plate with sandwiches, paninis, cake, side dishes, buffet food and more without having excess plate space leftover! Plate size is especially important in canteens who need to measure and control portions for health or cost-saving reasons, and will ensure everybody gets fed an appropriate amount – particularly children. Smaller plates are also said to control appetite when the food fills the plate without leaving any empty space, and can prevent excess hunger as a result.

The plates have reasonable depth to them to reduce the chance of spillages when carried away filled to the brim. Thanks to this design, children can fill their plates at buffets for example without dropping anything!

Each plate is made from polycarbonate – a virtually unbreakable material that is sure to last. The extreme durability ensures the plates can withstand heat from food, and will not bend, shatter or splinter when dropped. The non-shatter properties also make the plates suitable for both indoor and outdoor use during picnics, BBQs, parties or warm days on the playground – which will also help eliminate the litter caused by single-use alternatives!

Polycarbonate is also highly stain resistant, meaning that familiar unsightly orange tint won’t be appearing any time soon, much to the reassurance of diners in regards to hygiene.

As this material is extremely easy to wash, it will save staff a lot of effort when washing up, although the plates are also dishwasher safe for your convenience. Very lightweight in design and incorporating a narrow rim that is easy to hold onto when carrying, polycarbonate plates are especially ideal for use by children in order to prevent spillages when loaded with food.

These plates are provided in white to match your preference, school colours or other tableware. Matching Harfield cutlery and tableware is also available at YPO to complete your collection, including forks, knives, bowls and larger plates.

•Diameter – 17cm (6.7 inches)

This product is 100% recyclable. .

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