Red Serviettes, 2 Ply – Pack of 200

Red Serviettes, 2 Ply – Pack of 200

Product code: 230669
Key Features:
•Plain red design for versatility
•Soft on skin
•2 ply - highly absorbent
•Pack of 200

These plain red serviettes are perfect for any events where there will be food! Keep them close by for events of all sizes, from Christmas dinners to birthday parties, buffets, corporate events and more.

The serviettes are 2 ply for strength and absorbency, and will comfortably wipe hands and faces clean and absorb spills without tearing. The soft material is also comfortable to use on skin for a pleasant experience every time, and can be recycled to lessen your impact on the planet!

As a pack of 200, the serviettes are fantastic value for use in a school or office where there will be many people present.

•Width: 330mm
•Length: 330mm

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