Festive Cello Bags, Gold, 23.5cm x 14.5cm – Pack of 12

Festive Cello Bags, Gold, 23.5cm x 14.5cm – Pack of 12

Product code: 235351
Key Features:
•Festive gold star design with gold ties
•Clear appearance to showcase contents
•Cellophane is durable and food safe
•Perfect for sweets, chocolates and biscuits
•Use filled cello bags in gift baskets or as a Christmas stocking filler

Think outside of the box with a pack of our beautiful Gold Star Cello Bags - perfect for packing gifts or showing off your product to customers! Made from high quality, durable cellophane, the bags can safely hold a wide variety of items for versatile use that saves money for any school, business or events host.

With a primarily crystal-clear appearance, the buyer can easily see what’s inside as well as its quality and quantity, making them more likely to make a purchase. Recipients of a cello bag gift will also be able to appreciate the contents without having to open the bag itself – which is especially important for gifts like sweets, chocolates and cookies that need to remain sealed for freshness. A clear appearance also allows guests to make a more informed selection, and helps those with allergies to stay safe.

The bags are food safe and will not affect the quality, taste or smell of any food items inside. They are also sealable using the ties provided, which are gold to match the beautiful star design on each of the 12 bags. This design makes them perfect for seasonal Christmas gifts, yet retains ambiguity for year-round use at birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and other special events.

The bags are gusseted to accommodate food, trinkets, confetti, and other items that are bulky or come in larger quantities, and will stand up easily for attractive presentation.

•H: 23.5cm/9in
•W: 14.5cm/5.5in

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