TickIt Large Mirror Bock Set – Pack of 8

Product code: 810540
This Large Mirror Block Set is a visually stimulating building asset which is perfect for teaching young learners about shape and spatial awareness. Manufactured from sturdy, durable Rubberwood and other safe materials, these blocks are ideal for any early years setting.

This 8-piece building block set has a twist. Each of the blocks has a double-sided acrylic mirror inserted which is a great way to develop self-awareness and focusing skills where children can watch themselves and recognise all of the different shapes while they build towers.

The wooden blocks are manufactured from the eco-friendly and durable Rubberwood which won't warp in the months or years to come making this set a safe learning resource for your children to play with.

The set comes with:
•2 triangular-shaped blocks
•2 rectangular-shaped blocks
•2 square-shaped blocks
•2 half-circle shaped blocks

Help develop your young learner's social and emotional skills with these mirrored building blocks supporting 4 areas of learning to assist with self-awareness, construction, observation and shape & space awareness.

•Manufactured in Rubberwood with acrylic double-sided mirror inserts.
•Ideal for shape recognition and building activities.
•Supports 4 of learning: Personal Development, Physical Development, Understanding of the World and Maths.
•Size of rectangular block: 30(H) x 70(W) x 140mm(L)
•Suitable for children age 12 months and above
•Pack of 8 shape blocks 12 months +

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