Polydron Frameworks Prism and Pyramid Bulk Set - 363 Pieces

Product code: D60580
Polydron Frameworks pieces are lightweight, easy to connect and ideal for making larger shapes and models. They allow you to see inside of the shape and explore the space within. This comprehensive set is great value and 3 times the size of our standard frameworks prism and pyramid set. It includes the Octagon and Decagon shapes and is colour coded for easy use. A full set of teachers’ notes is included with many exercises and extension ideas. This 363 piece set contains: 9 Pentagons, 42 Squares, 27 Equilateral Triangles, 9 Hexagons, 132 Rectangles, 30 Right Angle Triangles, 78 Isosceles Triangles, 24 Root 2 Triangles, 6 Octagons, 6 Decagons and a book. Each square piece measures 7.3 x 7.3cm.
Suitable for age 6 years +

• Develop shape recognition
• Can be used in group play
• 6 years +

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